Cave - Buildbox Template
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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Cave - Buildbox Template



Easy to learn, hard to master. Collect the diamond to advance to the next cave. Carefully plan your move because you never know what's within these dark places. This game will test patience and pin-point-precision. With good marketing, it has a great chance to become viral.
  • The Cave Buildbox Template File (.BBDOC)
  • Xcode Project for iOS (Extracted from BBDOC)
  • Android Project (Extracted from BBDOC)
  • All the artwork (PNG) - You can publish the game with the existing graphics if you like.
  • Instructions (Email for Zip file)
  • ALL mp3 game music & sounds
  • Icon
Cave was built from scratch in Buildbox and tested by the Cali Animation team to ensure the highest quality. At Cali Animation, we design and develop the apps of the future. By combining the latest tools, creativity, and knowledge, we produce apps that get featured on the App Stores and are loved by the users.
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  • Extremely easy to reskin. Just replace the PNGs with yours.
  • Optimized for both Phone and Tablet
  • Banner & Interstitial Ads (AdMob, Chartboost, Heyzap, etc)
  • Simple Controls - {joystick style}
  • Original & Addictive Gameplay.
  • Social Media Share Button
  • Settings Section: Reset, Restore Purchases
  • Sound ON/OFF
  • Mac with Xcode 8 or better - for iOS version


  • PC with Android Studio or Eclipse
  • Buildbox (not necessary, but helps)
  • A valid Buildbox subscription is preferred.


In order to do any major gameplay changes, add levels, enemies, etc, Buildbox is required. 
Got a question? We're here to help! You'll get your answer within 24 hours. Let's talk: